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today cos i went hiking yesterday and worked this morning and i'm tired:

read history book
pick ffa music with ellipsis and rosie
d/l scissor sisters' full disco and madonna ray of light album
sync all my new shit on my mp3 player goddamn why have i not done this yet
make a cd with trashy kesha adam gaga etc electropop for when the radio blows which is usually

really tho we went out to burgess falls yesterday and that shit was gorgeous

classes are fun so far, hopefully i'll stay on it and rock the fuck out

i really need to do lsat signups ughhhhh

also jfc i need a shower

oh yeah i'm gonna turn your world around

mass entry i suppose

i went to walgreens last night and they were playing raindrops keep fallin on my head, so i pranced around like an idiot at 1am looking for a replacement noise machine bc my damn kitten (i have a kitten now, rescued her from the middle of the highway) tipped a cup of water all over mine

things i'm into right now: bbc sherlock, inception, this retarded but awesome collab thing i'm working on with some blllolllu people

that first one i'm working my best to get my family into, and they seem to be biting so A+ for emily

kitten just fell down the space between my bookshelf and my closet door and is thoroughly trapped

good job, kitten

my law shit is over, it was fun, and i went on a vacation last week to virginia. visited william&mary and unc, gorgous, hopefully i can get in one or both but we'll have to see with that ol' lsat i s'pose

my hair is long and filthy gorgeous

can't effing wait for class to start monday so i can get some semblance of regularity yeah

my name is lucifer, please take my hand

oh i should post something right

work is fun sometimes, i dick around on the internet all day and listen to music

friends are fun sometimes tho rn i'm replaying vidyagames and avoiding charlie who is hitting on me way too much

going to an adam lambert concert in july

going on vacay in va in august

ryan's coming down in late august

i want school to start back up

cool shit

May. 13th, 2010

i love my job at the law office right now, boss is great and work is fun, hours are mine to set, and i can listen to music

but goddamn if the hours between arrival and lunch arent the longest on the planet

it's like after lunch the day just flies but rn ughhhhhhh
okay so I think the final list of schools to which I would go gladly is:


I just really want to stay in the general appalachian/east of appalachian area, and these are all school with 22%+ students who go into public interest jobs. hell, W&M's whole slogan is the "citizen lawyer"

W&M and UNC in particular have LSAT and GPA requirements in my general range (UT's a little lower) and those are the two I want most <33

my plan for this week is:
today: shower, try on the mom clothes or whatever for my internship next week, study for history exam at 8am tomorrow
mon: exam, study for astronomy exam, get in touch with molly to study for moot court exam, if i have time maybe read the fleming
tues: work, astronomy exam, moot court exam, get ethics notes off clint and study for ethics exam
wed: ethics exam, half-assedly study for math because who gives a flying shit
thurs: math exam, work
fri: get the mirena hell yeah
this is gonna be the most dickish post ever but w/e

I think the main reason I'm so looking forward to law school is because I need a good humbling. I've really woken that latent competitive side of me over the past couple of years, and so I have a strong drive to be better than everyone around me--and I am, at least regarding this whole law thang. The problem is that I'm also incredibly lazy, and so I go no farther than that. I don't operate at my best. I go to school with some smart fuckers, but not the smartest. I've been in competition with good people, but not the best. I know I can do way more than I've done, because I've put forth fucking minimal effort achieve what I have, and when I really think about, that just taints the whole damn thing.

I want to get to law school because I want to be beaten by people better than me, and then I want to kick my shit into gear and come out on top because I'm 99% certain I can.


this was brought on I suppose by sitting in the shower and thinking damn I'm unprepared for my oral argument tonight, I don't even know what part of the case I'm arguing, but I'm still gonna do better than every other fuck in the class (with the possible exception of John and Matt, but they're on my team and I'm still better at answering judge questions)

and the fact that I have done the research equivalent of ballsack for this class, yet i'll still come out smelling like a rose, makes me sad ;[

on an unrelated note, my oscar sunglasses got squished and I really need to fix them

also my internship is gonna rock, full-time, gettin' paid weekly, living back with my parents, i will have SO MUCH MONEY YESSS

you're not my eater, i'm not your food

I feel slightly silly rereading through old writing logs I did with Caz like junior year of high school, especially considering the way that relationship went, but I guess it's water under the bridge now so whatever

and also I'm bored as balls

it's quite nice to actually have nothing to do for the moment, no papers to write or test for which to study blah blah, revelling in being bored and helping my brother write a paper
I will never again swim in a shock-treated pool with freshly-shaven legs oh my god it was fucking torture,

so this is the last time I ever have to do this, and that's really scary, but my Fall semester:

MWF 10:10-11:05, CJ 2660, Dr. Mannle, Criminology
MWF 11:15-12:10, HIST 4010, Dr. Dollar, Colonial/Revolutionary Periods
MWF 12:20-1:15, POLS 4100, Dr. Gunter, International Law
MW 2:30-3:50, GERM 2520, Dr. Campana, German Culture and Civilization
M 6:00-8:50, CJ 2850, Judge Patterson, Criminal Law & Procedure
TR 1:30-2:50, PHIL 4960, Dr. Carlton, Southern Agrarian Tradition: From Thomas Jefferson to Wendell Berry

two of those looks familiar because I'm retaking them, gonna pull that GPA up up up so I can get into UNC Law with less hassle =\

non-school shit aside, personal musing: I've discovered one thing I really fucking hate in fic or canon material is when someone with a successful career, particularly in a field I enjoy personally, loses his job in some way--be it resignation through shame or firing or whatever. I think it's because the thought of losing my own job in such a way is devastating to think about, ugh.

Heavy Rain is a really awesome game what

I think I'm gonna move back in with my parents for my final semester, especially since I'm spending so goddamn much on utilities. I want to save some degree of money before going off to law school next fall =\

Mar. 28th, 2010

Ace my History test, take a course next semester on Jeffersonian philosophy, come home and David Bromstad's on HGTV

it's like the world was made for me

also learning Viper on Street Fighter is hard

Mar. 17th, 2010

Never will I ever again go shopping for clothes while super totally menstrual bloated and let myself buy shirts two sizes two big.

Fuuuuuu that was dummmmbbbb

real life is going swell atm, been majorly off the internets. also learning to play Street Fighter which is pretty fun but super super nerdy