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3 of the cheese (click once)
6 of the spice (click six times)
4 of the fish (click twice)
then click the pot
HA so el and i are dicking around looking at super old lj funtimes and i found this lovely description of my "beauty routine" in like 2004

For all future purposes and intents: How I do my face and hair! pt1.
HAIR: Simply a matter of cut, thickness, texture, dye, Thermasilk, blowdryer, and straightener.
FACE: Revlon New Complexion foundation (tender peach 02), touch up with Maybelline Shine Free concealer (ivory). Gray-white Aziza II eyeshadow, charcoal perfectpointplus eyeliner on top lid only, cover all with gray-black Aziza II eyeshadow. Midnight brown brow pencil. Maybelline Volum' Express red mascara, brushed. Clinique bronze lilac "almostlipstick". Smile and enjoy.

soooooo partly in an exercise in proving my 23yo self superior to 16yo self and partly for idk documentation purposes? may i present an actual beauty routine because jesus christ i am still so goddamn vain

day makeup's p sparse, i've got more extravagant shit but this is standard:
philosophy (@nordstrom's) tinted moisturizer, ysl dessin du regard 05 (green) eye pencil applied thinly on top lid, ysl singulier 04 (violet) mascara on top and bottom, sometimes a drugstore cream eyeshadow lightly applied if i'm tired or hungover which is frequently

hair tho is another story:
at the salon, wella (i think?) red 04+05 color, gold soft highlights
bigsexyhair shampoo & conditioners, bigsexyhair root pump plus, redken 07 volumizing mousse on ends. blow dry upside-down, finger-comb, 1.5" curler: vertical curls on all lower layers until crest, horizontal curls on top. bigsexyhair spray'n'play SPRAY THE EVERLOVING FUCK OUT OF IT

there we go that's a bit more sophisticated and less poser i s'pose
oh my

hello livejournal

i still exist

i use you for plenty of other things, just not you know personal entries

post-grad is just as uneventful as it should be

Apr. 28th, 2011

apparently my final week as an undergrad will be spent drinking and trolling kinkmemes sometimes simultaneously

oh my god i am about to graduate WHAT
to continue my stream of consciousness rambling the next day


i already have a lead on a new, better job at a sign shop

maybe this is a blessing, lol, now i won't have to ever sell pencils and laptops again. or unload the truck. or make copies for kkk members.
it's lightly rolling thunder

so peaceful outside

why is erik von detten on the tv, this isn't brink, bitch, get back to soul skating
it's nice outside right now

i think i'm going to just drink a shitload of wine and watch scrubs right now and write my goddamn personal statement tomorrow and get trashed with people this weekend

people with whom i am not typically acquainted

so that's good i s'pose

also i'm going to study more typography since i guess that's my new thing now that i've conquered photoshop and have a working knowledge of illustrator and indesign

i'm going to miss my job
welcome back, kinneas

i lost my job today
i didn't put in an app at ut because i didn't get my transcript ready in time
i am slowly and consciously destroying my feet and knee with shoes
i am drinking wine alone right now in my parents' house
i weigh way more than i want to

technically i left my job yesterday so at least there's nothing nasty on my record and i learned a shitload about graphic design
i have excellent enough stats to still get into all the schools that are due my mar 1, including 2nd tiers
i have really cute fucking shoes
i have new friends that want to hang out and shit, also girls want to make out with me at parties so that's ace
my hair is so fucking amazing that i get a compliment a day and i'm still pretty hot

my life is not shit

typing this legitimately helped

i think i'm approaching 1000 entries soon, and i'm definitely approaching ten years

i wrote something for the first time in a while and it doesn't suck

i'm going to get into law school without problems. i have a unique skill set that will get me a new part-time job easy. i will still go somewhere in life. girls want to fuck me.

my life is shit

i guess?

this is not an artsy entry; i just need to get this out
note to bl peeps if y'all see this:

my lsat is in less than two weeks, i'll likely not be on much if at all until it's done
i'm being slowly crushed under the weight of ridiculous bullshit classes and lsat pressure

i sort of want to die right now