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HA so el and i are dicking around looking at super old lj funtimes and i found this lovely description of my "beauty routine" in like 2004

For all future purposes and intents: How I do my face and hair! pt1.
HAIR: Simply a matter of cut, thickness, texture, dye, Thermasilk, blowdryer, and straightener.
FACE: Revlon New Complexion foundation (tender peach 02), touch up with Maybelline Shine Free concealer (ivory). Gray-white Aziza II eyeshadow, charcoal perfectpointplus eyeliner on top lid only, cover all with gray-black Aziza II eyeshadow. Midnight brown brow pencil. Maybelline Volum' Express red mascara, brushed. Clinique bronze lilac "almostlipstick". Smile and enjoy.

soooooo partly in an exercise in proving my 23yo self superior to 16yo self and partly for idk documentation purposes? may i present an actual beauty routine because jesus christ i am still so goddamn vain

day makeup's p sparse, i've got more extravagant shit but this is standard:
philosophy (@nordstrom's) tinted moisturizer, ysl dessin du regard 05 (green) eye pencil applied thinly on top lid, ysl singulier 04 (violet) mascara on top and bottom, sometimes a drugstore cream eyeshadow lightly applied if i'm tired or hungover which is frequently

hair tho is another story:
at the salon, wella (i think?) red 04+05 color, gold soft highlights
bigsexyhair shampoo & conditioners, bigsexyhair root pump plus, redken 07 volumizing mousse on ends. blow dry upside-down, finger-comb, 1.5" curler: vertical curls on all lower layers until crest, horizontal curls on top. bigsexyhair spray'n'play SPRAY THE EVERLOVING FUCK OUT OF IT

there we go that's a bit more sophisticated and less poser i s'pose