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welcome back, kinneas

i lost my job today
i didn't put in an app at ut because i didn't get my transcript ready in time
i am slowly and consciously destroying my feet and knee with shoes
i am drinking wine alone right now in my parents' house
i weigh way more than i want to

technically i left my job yesterday so at least there's nothing nasty on my record and i learned a shitload about graphic design
i have excellent enough stats to still get into all the schools that are due my mar 1, including 2nd tiers
i have really cute fucking shoes
i have new friends that want to hang out and shit, also girls want to make out with me at parties so that's ace
my hair is so fucking amazing that i get a compliment a day and i'm still pretty hot

my life is not shit

typing this legitimately helped

i think i'm approaching 1000 entries soon, and i'm definitely approaching ten years

i wrote something for the first time in a while and it doesn't suck

i'm going to get into law school without problems. i have a unique skill set that will get me a new part-time job easy. i will still go somewhere in life. girls want to fuck me.

my life is shit

i guess?

this is not an artsy entry; i just need to get this out